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Birthdate:Aug 15
Location:United States of America
Leofrun also called Lilly is a main protagonist of my novel Never a Legend. Hayley Gross c 1998 to Present, aka Medievallass here at Dreamwidth and Deviantart and Glimmeroniron at Tumblr

She is a Saxon living in Sub-Roman Britain (Arthurian Britain). When she was married to territory's battle field medic, he had her join the him during the campaign, and she became his right-hand medic.

Female, Age: 24

Origin: North Germany North Denmark area

Distinctive features: Chestnut brown hair usually braided and covered with a triangle piece of linen. Gray-blue eyes and a long lanky frame.

Zodiac sign: Leo

Status: Free born woman, wife of battle field medic

Upfront personality traits: Sunny, witty, capable, deeply caring, needs to be needed, fear of abandonment, loving, very knowledgeable about botany, really enjoys the company of others.
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